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04 Oct 2012: Euro up on positive sentiment on upcoming ECB policy meeting

Euro up against Sterling on high expectations about the ECB policy meeting later today

Euro gained against major currencies today, as investors are positive about the upcoming ECB policy meeting. The minimum bid rate will be directly affected after the meeting which, on the other hand, will further affect the Single Currency. ...
27 Sep 2012: Euro falls as demonstrations in Spain and Greece continue

Euro down against Sterling; Demonstrations in Spain and Greece continue

Euro fell against Sterling as protests against austerity measures in Spain and Greece continue. Later today the German Unemployment Change will be released along with the Italian Bond Auction. ...
25 Sep 2012: Weak German business sentiment drags Euro and US Dollar down

Euro down against Sterling on negative sentiment due to weak German business data

Sterling is a safe bet for investors at the moment. Euro is volatile due to ongoing concerns about the debt crisis in Spain and Greece. ...
20 Sep 2012: US Dollar reached one-week high against Euro

Euro down against Sterling despite negative forecast of the UK Retail Sales

The UK Retail Sales are to be released today and are expected to be lower than for the month of August. Despite the negative forecast, however, Euro is still downgrading against Sterling at the moment. ...
18 Sep 2012: Euro falls on worries about new debt crisis in Europe

Euro falls against Sterling; Sterling to be affected by the release of UK’s CPI today

Euro is falling against major currencies today on investors’ concerns the European debt crisis might renew. In the meantime, Sterling will be highly impacted by the upcoming release of the UK’s CPI (Consumer Price Index). ...