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28 May 2013: Euro ranging before US Consumer Confidence Index

EUR USD – Euro ranging before US Consumer Confidence Index
Euro traded in a tight range yesterday and keeps the same horizontal movement this morning so far. News from Germany showed that their Import Price Index fell to -1.4% from -0.1% last month, which forced euro to a quick dive from which it is recovering now. ...
23 May 2013: Euro strengthens on good economic data

EUR USD – Euro strengthens on good economic data
Positive economic data increased the euro this morning. Seven different manufacturing indexes (French, German and Italian) have been released today, showing an overall positive outlook for the Euro zone’s immediate future. ...
21 May 2013: The price is ranging

EUR USD – The price is ranging
The pair is trading in a tight range this morning, with no major news coming out from the Eurozone today. The price will be moving mostly by speculative trading.
EUR GBP – Euro trading stronger against sterling
There was a lot of negative news coming out from UK this morning. ...
16 May 2013: Euro down on weak economic data

EUR USD – Euro down on weak economic data
Euro weakened for a sixth day against the Dollar, the longest losing streak in a year, before a report that showed consumer-price inflation in the region was the slowest in three years in April (barely reaching 1%). However, just in the past hour the trade balance figures came out showing a nearly 19B surplus for the month of April (expected 11.9B), which shot euro up. ...
15 Nov 2012: US Dollar down on low US sales data

Euro is upgrading against Sterling; major economic indexes released today will affect the Single Currency

Euro is up against Sterling at the moment. Several major economic indexes are about to be released today: CPI, Italian, German and French GDP, ECB Monthly Bulletin and a few more. ...