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13 Nov 2012: Euro down on uncertainty about Greece

Euro down against Sterling on lack of clarity about Greece’s bailout funds

Euro is downgrading against Sterling as international lenders could not reach an agreement on the financial aid for Greece. In the meantime, Sterling is about to be affected by the release of the CPI index (Consumer Price index), and the pair may change direction by end of day. ...
08 Nov 2012: Euro near two-month

Euro down against Sterling on expectations interest rates will remain on hold

Euro fell against Sterling and US Dollar as investors expect that on the meeting today, the ECB will leave interest rates on hold. Sterling on the hand, is steady at the moment. ...
06 Nov 2012: Euro down on concerns over Greece's new aid payment

Euro down on concerns over Greece’s new aid payment

Euro fell against Sterling on concerns whether Greece will qualify for a new financial aid. Today several economic indexes will be released in the UK and EU, which will have an impact on the pair: UK’s Manufacturing Production and GDP Estimate, and German Factory Orders and Italian Services PMI. ...
01 Nov 2012: US Dollar down on high Chinese factory data

Euro falls against Sterling on high UK House Prices

Euro is currently downgrading against Sterling. No major events are expected from the European Union today. ...
30 Oct 2012: US Dollar down on worries about Sandy

Euro up against Sterling; ECB President Draghi to hold a speech today

Euro is currently upgrading against Sterling. Today the ECB President Draghi will hold a speech which is expected to have a high impact on the Single Currency. ...