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26 Jul 2012: USD volatile on concerns about Federal Reserve's stimulus

GBP up against EUR despite lack of economic data from UK today

No major economic news is expected from the UK today. However the Pound is gaining against the volatile Euro at the moment as concerns over Spain’s debt crisis continue in the euro zone. ...
24 Jul 2012: Economic issues in the euro zone are dragging the Euro down

EUR volatile but growing against GBP despite negative euro zone announcements

Despite worries about the euro zone financial troubles, the Euro is growing against the Pound at the moment. However, the single currency was negatively affected earlier today on lower-than-expected German PMI and growing worries about further quantitative easing for Spain. ...
19 Jul 2012: The US Dollar falls due to unclear monetary easing

Euro down against the Pound; Trend may continue if the UK Retail Sales released today are higher-than-expected

Today the Retail Sales data from UK will be released. This is an important indicator of consumer spending and thus – economic activity. ...
12 Jul 2012: USD is gaining as a result of the Federal Reserve's meeting

EUR up against GBP as no economic events in UK are to occur today

The Euro is gaining against the sterling at the moment, but in general it is volatile due to the Federal Reserve’s meeting. On the meeting it was agreed that the US Central Bank will be indeed helping troubled European countries but only if they are critically worsening. ...
10 Jul 2012: Euro zone officials fail to create a rescue funds plan; Euro down

GBP up against EUR despite its high volatility at the moment

The sterling is gaining against the Euro although the Pound is volatile at the moment due to the upcoming release of the UK’s Trade Balance. The release of the Manufacturing Production figures will also bring further volatility of the GBP. ...