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18 Sep 2012: Euro falls on worries about new debt crisis in Europe

Euro falls against Sterling; Sterling to be affected by the release of UK’s CPI today

Euro is falling against major currencies today on investors’ concerns the European debt crisis might renew. In the meantime, Sterling will be highly impacted by the upcoming release of the UK’s CPI (Consumer Price Index). ...
13 Sep 2012: US Dollar down on expectations of monetary stimulus

Euro is up against Sterling; ECB Monthly Bulletin is due today

Euro is gaining against Sterling at the moment. There are no major economic events in the UK which could reflect on Sterling today, while Euro may be affected by the release of the ECB Monthly Bulletin. ...
11 Sep 2012: Euro up on German court's support of Euro zone's bailout funds

Euro up against Sterling on German court ruling on the Euro zone’s rescue fund

Euro is currently gaining against Sterling on expectations that the German constitution court is to back up the Euro zone’s monetary easing. Meantime, Sterling might be further impacted after the release of UK’s Trade Balance today. ...
04 Sep 2012: EUR up on ECB hopes

EUR up against GBP on expectations ECB will unveil an action plan against debt crisis in the Euro zone

Euro is gaining strength as investors are positive about the upcoming ECB meeting on Thursday. It’s expected the ECB to come up with a plan to solve the debt crisis in the region. ...
28 Aug 2012: EUR down against USD as investors are looking for safe-haven currencies

EUR up against GBP; Investors are awaiting the release of the Money Supply index which may affect the single currency; No major economic activity from the UK is expected today

Despite the Euro is weakening at the moment, it is gaining against sterling. The reason is that no major economic announcements are expected from the UK today. ...