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10 Jul 2012: Euro zone officials fail to create a rescue funds plan; Euro down

GBP up against EUR despite its high volatility at the moment

The sterling is gaining against the Euro although the Pound is volatile at the moment due to the upcoming release of the UK’s Trade Balance. The release of the Manufacturing Production figures will also bring further volatility of the GBP. ...
03 Jul 2012: US Dollar falls on weak U.S. Manufacturing data

EUR is steady against the GBP at the moment

The Euro is relatively steady at the moment. Considering that no major economic announcements are expected from UK today, the Euro is currently gaining against the sterling. ...
28 Jun 2012: EUR falls as investors are sceptical about the EU summit outcome

EUR down vs. GBP due to investors’ skepticism about the efficiency of today’s EU economic summit

The EU Economic summit is about to take place the whole day today. ...
26 Jun 2012: The EU summit is not expected to solve the debt crisis across the euro zone

GBP up vs. EUR due to uncertainties throughout the euro zone

The Pound is strong against the Euro at the moment. ...
21 Jun 2012

EUR falls against GBP despite fresh hopes on the Greek New Democracy’s plan to solve Greek economic crisis

The new Greek coalition brings fresh hopes that it would be able to cope with the crisis and boost the economy. New Democracy promises that its main purpose is now to repay the bailout funds. ...