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28 Aug 2012: EUR down against USD as investors are looking for safe-haven currencies

EUR up against GBP; Investors are awaiting the release of the Money Supply index which may affect the single currency; No major economic activity from the UK is expected today

Despite the Euro is weakening at the moment, it is gaining against sterling. The reason is that no major economic announcements are expected from the UK today. ...
23 Aug 2012: USD down on news the Federal Reserve would undertake stimulus measures

EUR up against GBP on higher-than-expected economic data released today

It’s an important day for the single currency as several major economic indexes were released, such as: German and French Flash Manufacturing and Services PMIs. These are all leading indicators of economic health as businesses react quickly to market conditions and their managers hold the most current and relevant insight into the company’s view of the economy. ...
21 Aug 2012: Federal Reserve's upcoming policy meeting drags the USD down

EUR up against GBP on hopes euro zone officials could come up with a plan for action to help troubled economies

Euro is up against major counterparts on high expectations that the policymakers would come up with a plan to support the indebted euro zone countries. However, doubts that officials may not be able to come into agreement remain. ...
16 Aug 2012: Sterling up on low unemployemnt data

GBP high as UK Unemployment Rate is at its lowest rate in a year

Today the Consumer Price Index will be released and will have a positive effect on the Euro if it’s higher-than-expected. At the moment, however, sterling is upgrading as unemployment in the UK is at its lowest rate in a year. ...
14 Aug 2012: USD falls on concerns the Federal Reserve plans to stimulate the US economy

EUR up against GBP on expectations of the German ZEW Economic Sentiment

Today investors are awaiting the release of important indexes which will possibly change the Euro’s direction. The most important of all is the German ZEW Economic Sentiment which is a leading indicator of economic health. ...