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06 Dec 2010: EU leaders gather in Brussels today.
EU leaders gather in Brussels today
European officials voiced divisions over the steps needed to stop the sovereign debt crisis as Germany opposes increasing the 750 billion-euro ($1 trillion) bailout fund and the introduction of joint European bonds. European policy makers head to Brussels today for a regular meeting on concern their rescue fund may not be large enough to stop contagion spreading from Greece and Ireland to Spain. ...
02 Dec 2010: 1.30 today: Euro expected to strengthen on news
Hopes that the ECB will rush through new anti-crisis measures, such as expanding its government bond buying, helped the euro stabilize and lifted stock markets. But the central bank risks disappointing markets if, as several analysts predict, it will only decide at its monthly meeting that its liquidity taps for euro zone banks will stay wide open and merely hint at more government bond purchases. ...
29 Nov 2010: Euro struggles as debt crisis shows signs of spreading
The EU will find out today whether Ireland’s 67.5 billion euro bailout will bolster the financial markets and be enough to stop financial contagion spreading to Portugal and Spain. The finance ministers of the eurozone are now trying to stop the domino effect on other countries that are currently in trouble. ...
25 Nov 2010: Euro struggles near a two-month low
Euro struggles as debt crisis shows signs of spreading
The euro struggles near a two-month low as the euro zone debt crisis showed signs of spilling over from Ireland to other euro zone members even after Ireland unveiled its ambitious austerity plan. Traders say Portugal and increasingly Spain are seen as potentially in need of help while Dublin's belt-tightening plan has come under fire for sticking to economic growth assumptions, unveiled earlier this month, seen as too optimistic. ...
22 Nov 2010: EUR has strengthened on Ireland
EUR has strengthened on Ireland's acceptance of EU aid
Yesterday Ireland finally accepted the EU's bailout package and its related conditions. Initial announcements suggest a bailout to the tune of ˆ80-90 bln with a 4-year plan to reduce the budget deficit by 2015. ...