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30 Oct 2012: US Dollar down on worries about Sandy

Euro up against Sterling; ECB President Draghi to hold a speech today

Euro is currently upgrading against Sterling. ...
25 Oct 2012: GDP figures show UK is officially out of recession; Sterling up

Euro down against Sterling on news UK is out of recession

Euro is downgrading against Sterling on news that UK is out of recession. ...
23 Oct 2012: Euro falls on downgraded credit ratings of five Spanish regional governments

Euro down against Sterling on weakened World shares

Euro is downgrading against major currencies today. ...
18 Oct 2012: Euro gained on positive expectations about Spain

Euro down against Sterling despite its gains so far this week

Euro gained against major currencies, reaching one-month high. ...
04 Oct 2012: Euro up on positive sentiment on upcoming ECB policy meeting

Euro up against Sterling on high expectations about the ECB policy meeting later today

Euro gained against major currencies today, as investors are positive about the upcoming ECB policy meeting. ...