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18 Oct 2010: Daily Currency Update:
Summary: Markets are expecting a reversal for Euro/USD
GBP/USD 1,5968
EUR/USD 1,3923
GBP/EUR 1,1469
Jean-Claude Trichet, the European Central Bank President, said on Saturday that the Euro zone needs more major improvements in the European Union budget than the ones proposed by the European Commission.
The Dollar demonstrated a stable position against several other currencies, and finally pulled away from a 10-month low.
(EUR-USD) closed flat this past week following its price failure at the 1.4157 level. The pair was in a topping process a few weeks earlier, but reports of potential quantitative easing from the US overextended this rally much further. ...
05 Oct 2010: Weekly Currency Update
According to Reuters, "The euro hit a five-month high against the dollar and was on track for its best quarterly gains in eight years on Thursday as data showed euro zone banks are relying less on funds from the European Central Bank."
The indexes that came out last week had a positive effect on the euro: The German Consumer Climate, the French Consumer Spending, the German Unemployment Change all scored positive for the euro values which additionally boosted its growth.
The euro continued its growth last week – its opening price last Monday was 1,3478 per dollar, after which it headed straight up. On Friday it jumped from the starting price of 1,3631 to the closing price for the week - 1,3789. ...
29 Sep 2010: Weekly Currency Update
Last week the pair scored a significant rise. On Monday, September 20th the pair opened at 1.3042 and closed at 1.3488 on Friday – a rise of 0.0446 pips. ...
22 Sep 2010: Weekly Currency Update
Last week the euro recovered after a slump. On Mon, Sept 13th it opened at 1.2758 against the dollar and closed at 1.2863. ...
15 Sep 2010: Weekly Currency Update
Last week the pair drastically fell and attempted a temporary rise on Wednesday. On Monday the 6th the euro opened at 1.2887 dollars and by the end of the week reached the bottom of 1.2678. ...