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29 Jan 2008: The European currency went to the FOMC stable
Contrasting on the background of the very unstable start on the Asian and European markets this week, the EUR/USD had a comparatively nice start on Monday. Even if the loan growth data shows strong positions in Europe, after the EU M3 it was noticed that a much more significant slowdown tortures the economy on the old continent. ...
25 Jan 2008: Everything is calm in the money transfer field as well as the forex market in USA and Europe today.
The financial plan of George Bush and some of the other political leaders in America might actually become a positive factor for the USD and the global economy but certainly is an enemy of the EUR currency and currency/money transfers in Euro. Anyway, the Fed move in Tuesday stabilized the Euro at a bottom of 1.43 with more certain incoming recovery and most of the dealers predict a direction straight-up for the European currency after this total crisis, which will prove the long-term expectation for a “buy” of EUR/USD. ...
22 Jan 2008: A continuous EUR/USD correction due to the chaos on the world market
The start of this week was completely chaotic for the stock exchange/transfer markets, which reflected on the currency FOREX too, but of course with moves not so critical as they were for the stocks.
The EUR/USD currency pair – a pair lately known as very risky after the turn in favor of the dollar these days again stroke in the same direction. ...
22 Jan 2008: Another uneasy week passed under the carry-trade slow fade.
Another uneasy week passed under the ‘carry trade’ slow fade. Many of the pairs in which Yen is involved as well as other stable indices are stalled at levels providing some temporary stability. ...
21 Jan 2008: Euro continues losing positions
Today in the USA because of the celebrations of the Martin Luther King Day the situation is idle and no movements have been noticed, and by the way in Europe it is all the same. So, again the global economical themes will dictate the EUR trading, and this is not so good for the European currency as the events from the last week brought a mini-crisis when USD recovered partial positions on the market. ...