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27 Sep 2007: EUR/USD:(1.4150) New historic high above channel off 1.3358
New historic high above channel off 1.3358 and above daily Long Term daily channel top off 2005 low (1.4029 today). 1st Support area at 1.4117 (daily Short Term Moving Average↑), with next levels at 1.4093 (daily envelope bottom), ahead of 1.4059/ .4042 (Short Term lows hourly) and 1.4029/ .4027. ...
27 Sep 2007: Carry trades make a comeback
- The launch of Japanese investment trusts, or "Toshin" funds, dented the JPY during the New York session. The JPY weakness enabled both the EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY to close above their respective 100day SMAs, a bullish development for both pairs as investors regain risk appetite (the VIX index continued to move lower during today's session). ...
27 Sep 2007: Yen Falls on Renewed Risk Appetite
The dollar traded mixed on Wednesday. The yen fell versus the dollar and touched a 7-week low against the euro as investors resumed carry trades. ...
26 Sep 2007: Forex - Euro Down Against Dollar, Higher Versus Rest Of Majors
The European currency was mixed against the majors Wednesday morning in Asia. The Euro was higher against the yen, the franc and the pound, but was down against the dollar. ...
26 Sep 2007: EUR/USD: uptrend resumes
EUR/USD: uptrend resumes
The uptrend is resuming after a very brief pause and the market looks set to push past the projected possible top at 1.4170. Clearing that will bring the next projection at 1.4210 into focus. ...