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17 Sep 2007: Aussie dollar reaches 5-week high as rates diverge
The Australian dollar rose broadly on Monday, reaching a five-week against its U.S. cousin on speculation U.S. ...
17 Sep 2007: EUR/GBP to new cycle highs
EUR/USD stabilized on Friday in the high 1.38’s, which is still very close to the all time highs set earlier in the week at the 1.39 zone. The prevailing view in the market is that the Fed could go for a big rate cut this week, while the ECB has announced that its decision not to hike in September was just a postponement. ...
17 Sep 2007: CAD is way overextended
The performance of CAD, particularly relative to its dollar bloc peers, has been impressive in recent months. However, financial experts are very skeptical that Canada can escape the ever more challenging US risk backdrop. ...
17 Sep 2007: Bumpy road for NZD
The NZD has travelled down a bumpy road, with a number of overseas issues playing havoc with market sentiment.
After opening strongly, on the back of a downgraded US economic outlook, the NZD/USD was quickly knocked 100 points to below 0.7075 on reports that the BoE was being asked to bail out one of Britain's largest mortgage lenders, Northern Rock. ...
17 Sep 2007: US Dollar Dives to New Low Against Euro
Last week the Euro hit an all time high against the US dollar after speculation intensified that the FOMC (US equivalent of the bank of England) will cut rates to ease the credit crunch which has plagued the equity markets and lending institution world wide. The USD also lost against other currencies, slipping against both the pound and the yen, but the main action was with the Euro. ...