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27 Maj 2008: Euro pulls back from a one-month high
Disappointing data on German and French economy brought in grim expectations for the Euro. Experts speculate that higher energy prices have shrunk consumers' actual disposable income.
19 Maj 2008: Australian dollar hits record high
The Australian dollar hit a 24-year high at USD 0.9571. Analysts expect expensive local currency to have negative impact on Australian economy if sustained for considerable period. ...
14 Maj 2008: Pound hits three-month low
Pound hits three-month low after Bank of England inflation report showed gloomy figures.
Expectations are that consumer price inflation in the UK reach 4% for the second half of year.
12 Maj 2008: The pound recovered from recent plummet
The pound recovered from recent plummet resulted from gloomy industrial reports, after manufacturing sector was hit by decreasing demand and rising production cost. Increasing producer price inflation made expected interest rate lowering less likely. ...
02 Apr 2008: Is EUR in front of a new record high versus USD?
Traders that expected a rise of the USD this week got surprised in a bad way after all the negative economic data lowered American dollar’s rapidly to a bottom never-seen before. The index of Reuters fell to a rate that is a record low for the last 15 years. ...