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11 Nov 2010: FX is high on the G-20's agenda

EUR/USD: Euro is settling in lower range against the US dollar
EUR/USD is stabilizing in lower ground as the G-20 summit (this year in Seoul) begins and many markets are on holiday. Its statements will rock the markets. ...
08 Nov 2010: Euro Is Weakening due to Ireland's Budget Deficit
Euro/US Dollar: USD expected to strengthen on euro weakness
Last week the Irish government released a plan to cut spending and raise taxes by 6 billion euros in 2011. Due to concerns over the Ireland's budget deficit, the euro fell for a second day versus the dollar. ...
03 Nov 2010: Euro/USD Massive Day expected Today

All eyes are on the US Fed today as they will declare how much USD they are prepared to print to stabalise US debit., commonly referred to as quantitative easing. Steve Barrow, head of G10 currency research at Standard Bank, predicts the euro will rise to $1.45 in three months, even if the Federal Reserve insists on a small dose of quantitative easing. ...
26 Oct 2010: Pound's Future Not Bright; US Dollar Falls after G20
GBP/USD 1.5797
George Osborne, Chancellor of Britain, proposed last week an extreme spending cut of over 80 billion pounds in order to cope with the nation's budget deficit of 156 billion pounds. According to economists, however, this action was 'insane.' As a result, the pound will drop below $1.40 this year, stated John Taylor, chief executive officer of FX Concepts Inc..
The U.S. ...
18 Oct 2010: Daily Currency Update:
Summary: Markets are expecting a reversal for Euro/USD
GBP/USD 1,5968
EUR/USD 1,3923
GBP/EUR 1,1469
Jean-Claude Trichet, the European Central Bank President, said on Saturday that the Euro zone needs more major improvements in the European Union budget than the ones proposed by the European Commission.
The Dollar demonstrated a stable position against several other currencies, and finally pulled away from a 10-month low.
(EUR-USD) closed flat this past week following its price failure at the 1.4157 level. The pair was in a topping process a few weeks earlier, but reports of potential quantitative easing from the US overextended this rally much further. ...