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02 Sep 2010: Weekly Currency Update
Sterling News
For those clients looking to make sterling payments in the next week, sterling is currently at a 3 weeks low against the Euro! Currency commentators generally anticipate sterling weakening a little further against the Euro however retracing back to .820 levels in the short term.
To book or hold rates simply call the currency desk at 01 6353700!
You can also place an order on the market using our live orders!
Live Orders
TransferMate have a 24 hour currency desk. Simply choose a target rate and our team can put an order on the 24 hour currency markets for you. ...
31 Aug 2010: Weekly Currency Update
Last week was a little better for the euro against the dollar - it demonstrated a positive course Tuesday through Friday after an insecure Monday. The opening price on Monday was 1.2710 and the week closed at 1.2758. ...
24 Aug 2010: Weekly Currency Update
The week of August 16 was not optimistic for the euro against USD. After the euro fell down drastically between August 9 and August 13, it continued the trend last week, as it opened at 1.2770 and closed at 1.2707. ...
18 Aug 2010: Weekly Currency Update
Last week the euro fell drastically despite the recent trend of recovery. It opened last Monday at 1.3282 then dropped and made its biggest fall on Wednesday from 1.3184 to 1.2842. ...
04 Aug 2010: Nationwide Adds Charges for Overseas Withdrawals
Nationawide customers with FlexAccount will be charged when using their debit cards at cash machines outside UK.
The fee consists of a commission charge of 2% and a £1 flat fee, and it will come into effect from November 1. ...