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02 Aug 2010: US Unemployment for July - Not Optimistic
Apparently, the biggest problem for the US economy remains the unemployment, as it went up again in July. ...
30 Jul 2010: German Business Confidence Unexpectedly High
The German business confidence showed an unexpectedly high rise of 106.2 in July compared to 101.8 in June, reported the Ifo Business Climate Index. ...
20 Jul 2010: Eurozone Production Up
The 16 eurozone countries demonstrated increased industrial production for the third consecutive month in May. ...
09 Jul 2010: Greek Islands on Sale to Save Economy
Greece is taking drastic measures to pay back its debts - it is going to start selling some of its islands or offer long-term leases on them.
The country has 6,000 islands as 227 of them are populated. ...
25 Jun 2010: Olympics 2012 Will Accept Only Visa Cards for Ticket Purchases
Fans of the Olympics, which will take place in London 2012, will have to use only Visa to buy tickets due to arrangements between Visa and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
People can buy the tickets from any shops or cash machines at Olympic venues using only their Visa credit or debit cards. ...