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19 Sep 2007: USD hurts, but yen even more
EUR/USD was pushed to new record highs yesterday evening, as the Federal reserve decided to slash rates a hefty 50 basis points. Half of the market had expected a 25 basis points rate cut, as had we, but instead the Fed decided to be more aggressive. ...
19 Sep 2007: Daily Forex Technical Report − EUR/USD to 1.4000; Focus on MPC Minutes, US & Canadian CPI
Forex Daily Technical Report
EUR/USD to 1.4000; Focus on MPC Minutes, US & Canadian CPI Dollar continued to be pressured after yesterday's surprise 50bps cut in federal funds rate. Weakness in the greenback is particularly apparent against Euro and commodity currencies, with EUR/USD scoring new record high of 1.3987 and is set to test 1.40 psychological resistance. ...
18 Sep 2007: Spotlight on FOMC, as markets await
U.S. Dollar Trading (USD) stabilized gaining against a basket of currencies in an overly cautious market. ...
18 Sep 2007: USD/CAD: Zoning in on Parity
The Canadian dollar has been on a tear. In the past six months, the currency has made new 30 year highs after appreciating over 12 percent against the US dollar, putting parity within reach. ...
18 Sep 2007: Sterling battered as Northern Rock faces funds withdrawal
New Zealand dollar
Investors pare long NZD positions ahead of FOMC. It was a fairly uneventful start to the week for the NZD with no local data to influence direction and little flow of note due to the holiday in Tokyo. ...