06 Mar 2008

British Pound rated over $2, but is still "fragile" against EUR

GBP reached a rate above USD2.00 on Thursday, which is noticed for the first time this year. ...

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05 Mar 2008

Will bankers follow on the advice of Bernanke?

The Independent Community Bankers association chairman Bernanke had a speech with all the members, regarding the housing trade crisis in the United States. ...

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19 Feb 2008

New highs for the AUD on the money transfer and forex market

Despite other currencies did not manage to hold the USD move up, the Australian and New Zealand’s dollar held their positions and even reached rates higher than expected, with NZD being pulled by the strong AUD which rose sky-high after money senders and traders took advantage of the labile conditions and made offers launching the Australian dollar to a rate of 0.911. ...

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13 Feb 2008

"Big 7" are not optimistic about the economical situation

On the G7 meeting which took place on Saturday, the biggest economical leaders in the world made a statement pointing at the falling American housing market, which has affected the global finances in a bad way, and even worse consequences are expected, such as Banks led by money loans may collapse and turn to credit funds. ...

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04 Feb 2008

Quiet market and reasonable money transfers worldwide

After a not-so important overnight session indexes in Europe for future income money transfer rates have respectively low values, while in the same time the equity ones are receiving far better trading rates. ...

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29 Jan 2008

The European currency went to the FOMC stable

Contrasting on the background of the very unstable start on the Asian and European markets this week, the EUR/USD had a comparatively nice start on Monday. ...

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