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TransferMate offer a market-leading solution for international payroll providers, enabling companies to process global payroll in a more streamlined, faster and cost-effective way. Having secured highly prestigious US regulation across 48 states, Europe and Australasia, we have created a worldwide network of bank accounts, eliminating costly and time-consuming intermediary banks, saving you time and money at every stage.

Streamlined Payroll Solution

Simplified Payroll

  • On-time payments
  • Significant reduction in admin
  • Fully compliant
  • Competitive rates
  • Employee and organisation confidentiality

Why choose TransferMate


TransferMate global banking network delivers payroll solutions in over 30 currencies:

- In-depth knowledge of unique payment processes for each region

- Reduce foreign currency exposure through our Flexible Spot Contracts

- International ACH facility available in over 20 countries


Leading-edge payment technology ensures timely and accurate delivery of global payroll

- Bank account validation to minimise errors

- Dynamic synchronisation with regional holidays to ensure smooth delivery of payroll

- Consolidated payment file workflow further enhancing efficiencies


TransferMate are proud to be aligned with the world’s latest security standards

- Established processes to safeguard employee and organisation confidentiality

- Protected and diverse solutions for cross-functional and multi-departmental security

- Multi-level user access for transfers and approvals

Our Services

  • Customer Service
    • Dedicated Partner Manager
    • 24 hour Payroll Expertise
    • 24 hour Phone and Online Platform
  • Payment Service
    • 200+ bank accounts globally
    • Unlimited beneficiary upload
    • Competitive exchange rates
    • Reduction in transfer fees
    • Software API’s


  • "As an award winning Payroll outsource company, we choose our partners very carefully to ensure we offer a consistent and professional service to our clients. Using TransferMate ensures efficiency and reliability in order to meet payroll deadlines. We have no reservations in recommending TransferMate."

    Anne Reilly, Managing Director,


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