A smarter way to process large volumes of payments

If your business processes a large volume of international payments, TransferMate Global Payments have the perfect solution to streamline this process. Using our Mass payment upload facility you can enter a large payment file containing hundreds of payments from your ERP system directly into the TransferMate platform.

Key Benefits

  • Direct access to one of the world’s largest payment networks
  • Largest range of currencies catered for
  • Global compliance assured
  • Secure transactions
  • Process up to 10,000 payments across multiple currencies completed using our API
  • Increased control with real-time payment tracking and reporting
  • Simple integration with your brand into the TransferMate payment platform
  • Scale your service offerings to a wider global client base

How it works


1. Contact our team today at masspayments@transfermate.com for a quick demo of our solution.


2. Register on www.transfermate.com, upload a file in csv format. Our team provide a template to use and can also provide any assistance you may need.


3. Simply upload a mass payment file, view live exchange rates and watch as your batch of payments are processed in seconds saving you having considerable data entry work.


Mass payments

Processing mass payments has been a painful process for large businesses that typically have to spend valuable time and resources manually entering each payment into their bank. In instances where their bank has provided them with a facility to process a mass payment file, businesses are typically forced to pay international wire fees and receive poor exchange rates in exchange for being provided with this facility. So, in summary the choice today is to spend valuable time and resources manually processing payments or to streamline those payments and save huge amounts of time and money.

Making payments simple for clients lies at the heart of what our team at TransferMate do. Using the TransferMate mass payment facility, you eliminate all international bank fees, secure better exchange rates, eliminate data entry, reduce data entry errors and speed up your payments.

Integrate with your ERP system

Using the best payment developers and customer insight, we are proud to provide business worldwide with a smarter way to process their mass payments. No matter what ERP system you use you can now simply pull a payment file out and have it paid from your bank in seconds.

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FAQ Mass Payments

Multiple payments of different currencies is a complex and time-consuming process for me, how can TransferMate's solution help?

Pay hundreds of beneficiaries in minutes using our one-portal solution. Simple pay one amount in your domestic currency and we take care of the rest! Cut out the complexity and labour-heavy admin work traditional involved with sending multiple international payments.

What is the process?

Register for an account on https://www.transfermate.com/. Complete a file containing your beneficiary details in our csv format template. Simple upload this file, view live exchange rates and pay one amount in your domestic currency.

Can I track the progress of my payments?

Track all transaction history, beneficiary details, payment status, value dates and more using our 24 hour online system.
Alternatively, our 24 hour customer service team can provide this information to you.

How many payments can be processed at one time?

For optimal speed, we recommend uploading payments in batches of 100.

Payments are processed in a different time zone to where the payment is approved. Will this be a problem?

Absolutely not! Catering for our global client base is our priority. Your accounts team can set up all payments as 'data entry' level and you can approve as a 'data approver' level user. In addition, we operate a 24 hour online and 24 hour multilingual customer service team to assist with any queries.

Who typically uses TransferMate's mass payments facility?

Our mass payment solution is particulary beneficially for clients that send multiple international payments on a regular basis.
Whether you are on international payroll company, a company with overseas offices or an importer with multiple suppliers overseas, this is the solution for you!

Is there a cost involved in using this service?

No, we don't believe in charging clients excessive fees to transfer money overseas. This is why there is no fees in having a TransferMate account, no fees on all transfers over €/£/$5000 and no fees for our mass payment solution.

Can I integrate this solution with my existing account software?

Yes! TransferMate offer a range of apps that integrates our solutions into your existing accountancy software and treasury systems. Integration is seamless, with apps currently available for Sap, Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, NetSuite and MYOB. Our API solution cal also be a custom build to suit your internal system. Save huge amounts of time on reconcilation and general admin tasks with our seamless apps. Integration is done with seconds. even better, our apps are FREE!

Client Reviews

  • The advice I receive from TransferMate is always top notch. Your team are exceptional. I would have no problem recommending your service and already do.

    Paul Conway

  • I am very happy with your services. My suppliers love to receive your payment notifications. You make life a lot easier for my accounts team.


  • As always a huge thank you to the transfermate team for your usual excellent and prompt assistance.


  • Hello, for your information, my beneficiary received the money and no receiver fee was taken. I am very satisfied of your services: reasonable fees, simple and faster. I will use your services again in September for a money transfer to Tanzania.


  • We have made such great savings using Transfermate and the online system is so easy to use, I have recommended your service to all.


  • Just a quick note to say thank you for the very quick turnaround (again!), it's great to have such a dependable service. Really appreciate it.