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19 Mar 2015: Stabilized

EUR/USD - Stabilized
Today the Eurodollar is somewhat stable fluctuating between 1.0690 and 1.0700. ...
17 Mar 2015: Escaping the range?

EUR/USD - Escaping the range?
The pair closed at 1.0617 on Monday and opened at 1.0568 this morning back below 1.06. ...
12 Mar 2015: The Dollar retreats

EUR/USD – The Dollar retreats
After hitting the strongest levels since Jan 2003 the Dollar weakened against the EUR. ...
11 Mar 2015: How Low Can the Euro Go?
How Low Can the Euro Go?
The last time we saw the Euro and US Dollar this close was 2003. ...
11 Mar 2015: Parity?

EUR/USD Parity?
Analysts predict parity between EUR/USD before the end of the year and even further slide of the EUR since the EUR is trading currently at 12 year low against the USD. ...