03 Sep 2015

Chinese manufacturing causes muted results

There was very much a risk-off tone to market sentiment on Tuesday. News of disappointing manufacturing data out of China, as well as some weaker than expected results from the US

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31 Aug 2015

Currencies began week in calm fashion

EUR/USD traded up to a high of $1.171, while EUR/GBP moved above 74p. Cable (GBP/USD) traded up as high as $1.58. However, as the week progressed some calm returned to markets. This in turn saw the

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28 Aug 2015

Euro at Loss to Dollar

The Euro fell out of favour with markets yesterday, moving to as low as $1.121 against the Dollar and fell below £0.73 for the Pound sterling. Cable (GBP/USD) also continued to move lower yes

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26 Aug 2015

Greenback Recovers Lost Ground

Meantime on FX markets, the euro saw some reversal of its recent ‘risk averse’ gains, while the dollar managed to recover some lost ground. However, it must be noted that the main pairs

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24 Aug 2015

China sets off alarming bells

Financial markets had dismal beginning this morning for anyone employed within this market as Chinese shares nosedived 9%, while the Dollar and major commodities followed suit. European shares open

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21 Aug 2015

Dollar stutters due to lack of clarity from Fed

EUR/USD moving up into $1.12 territory, with the pair opening this morning up at $1.128. Likewise, EUR/GBP has sustained its recent upward trend, is changing hands near 71.8p as trading gets underw

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