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Transfer money to Russia in Russian Ruble

Best Way to Send Money to Russia - TransferMate

Transfer Money to Russia

If you need to send payments to Russia don’t get caught out with poor exchange rates and high bank fees. With TransferMate we offer you a cheaper and faster alternative when transferring Russian Ruble. Avoid international bank fees and receive the best exchange rates when sending Ruble.

Simply register online for free by clicking here and join over 15,000 clients who choose TransferMate as a smarter alternative to banks.

It is quick and free to compare against your bank! Our team of trade experts are available 24 hours Monday to Friday by phone and live chat to answer any queries you may have when sending money to Russia.

Ireland: +353 1 635 3700
UK: +44 207 659 9185
Australia: +61 2 9037 2735
USA: +1 312 924 3737

How long does it take to send money to Russia with TransferMate?

With our local client accounts, TransferMate can send your money to Russia within 24 hours in most cases. Simply transfer your domestic currency into one of our local accredited client accounts and as soon as we receive your funds, we send to your beneficiary in Russia in Rubles.

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