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21 Juil 2008: Cars - Lease or Buy?
Are you planning to buy a car? Many people are faced with the dilemma - "Should I lease, or should I buy?". ...
10 Juil 2008: Bank of England holds rates in waiting game
The Bank of England sat on the fence on Thursday, holding interest rates at 5 per cent as its monetary policy committee bought time to see how the oil shock and credit crisis will affect the economy.

The MPC did not explain its decision, as usual when there is no change, but statements from committee members over the past month have indicated they cannot yet gauge whether the economy is deteriorating much faster than desired, or whet-her there is a risk of high inflation becoming a feature of British life once again.
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19 Juin 2008: Pound surges after sales shock
Sterling surged higher on Thursday after a surprise jump in UK retail sales prompted speculation that the economy might be weathering the current storm more robustly than previously thought. ...
09 Juin 2008: UK inflation data boost pound
Sterling rose sharply on Monday after data showed UK factory gate inflation hit a record high in May, putting pressure on the Bank of England not to cut interest rates. ...
02 Juin 2008: Pound takes hits
The pound lost 1 per cent against the dollar after worrying financial data was revealed by Bradford & Bingley, a major player in the buy-to-let credit market.

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