Mass International Payments Solution for Business:
A Smarter Way to process large volumes of payments

If your business processes a large volume of international payments, TransferMate Global Payments have the perfect solution to streamline this process. Using our Mass payment upload facility you can enter a large payment file containing hundreds of payments from your ERP system directly into the TransferMate platform.

Processing mass payments has been a painful process for large businesses that typically have to spend valuable time and resources manually entering each payment into their bank. In instances where their bank has provided them with a facility to process a mass payment file, businesses are typically forced to pay international wire fees and receive poor exchange rates in exchange for being provided with this facility. So, in summary the choice today is to spend valuable time and resources manually processing payments or to streamline those payments and save huge amounts of time and money.

Making payments simple for clients lies at the heart of what our team at TransferMate do. Using the TransferMate mass payment facility, you eliminate all international bank fees, secure better exchange rates, eliminate data entry, reduce data entry errors and speed up your payments.

Using the best payments developers and customer insight, we are proud to provide business worldwide with a smarter way to process their mass payments. No matter what ERP system you use you can now simply pull a payment file out and have it paid from your bank in seconds.

How it works

  1. Contact our team today at for a quick demo of our solution.

  2. Register on , upload a file in csv format. Our team provide a template to use and can also provide any assistance you may need.

  3. Simply upload a mass payment file, view live exchange rates and watch as your batch of payments are processed in seconds saving you having you considerable data entry work.

"There’s no doubt that the TransferMate payments program has changed the way we process our payments. We were always unhappy paying the massive banks fees each month – those days are over.

Their smarter payments solutions have been a huge benefit to us and that’s why we’re proud to recommend them…"

Sharon Sullivan, Catering Disposables