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25 Jun 2010: Osborne's Changes - The most drastic reform in more than 20 years
To cope with the country’s debt, George Osborne, the UK’s chancellor, did the most drastic reform in more than 20 years. ...
22 Jun 2010: Euro Up
The euro kept recovering for a second week, while the dollar was headed south to fall below key chart level.
The reason for the dollar vulnerability is due to new U.S. ...
16 Jun 2010: Germany’s Austerity Measures Released
German government hopes to save 80 billion euros by 2014, according to the country’s austerity package unveiled on June 7.
The largest economy in Europe was expected to come up with an austerity plan, which would also set an example to the highly indebted economies such as Greece, Spain and Portugal. ...
01 Jun 2010: EU Unemployment for April 2010
Unemployment in the eurozone is reaching sky-high levels as it just hit 10.1% in March, per Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.
This rate of unemployment is the highest it ever got since the euro was introduced in 1999. ...
31 Maj 2010: Italy – Next with an Austerity Plan
Italy also took austerity measures to reduce its spending as a result of the growing economic panic in the eurozone.
The government plans to cut down the public sector pay and pensions and the local government spending, as well as freeze new recruitment. ...