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Our mission is to tell business that there is a real alternative to their bank and that it takes seconds to compare with TransferMate. With over 15,000 clients worldwide and a global bank account network we eliminate bank fees and offer better exchange rates to business. You can help a business today to switch to a smarter solution to sending and receiving international payments.

You may know of a business that makes international payments. You may work or have worked for that business or simply know of someone involved with that business. As long as they are using their bank, they are likely to be losing time and money every time they send or receive international payments through slow payments, poor exchange rates and unnecessary international transfer fees.

By simply entering their email address in below and your own, our website will send an introduction to that business from you informing them about TransferMate. In seconds you can save a business thousands of dollars a month/year.

Simply refer them in seconds below and both you and your contact in that business will receive a 25 EUR gift card after their first transfer.

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25 EUR Voucher for both you and your friend

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When each person has activated their account via your unique User ID AND completed a transfer.

As soon as any invited referral transfers over 10,000 EUR both you and your referral will receive a 25 EUR gift card

No fees to pay for you or your friends on future individual transfers over 1,000 EUR for 3 months from date of activation.