17 Oct 2016

TransferMate launches Cross-border Platform Solution for accounting practices worldwide to provide outsourced payments solutions for clients

Accounting practices worldwide are increasingly embracing technological changes in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Cross border foreign exchange payments, also referred to as inter

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27 Sep 2016

Do you know how much does a wire transfer actually cost?

Wouldn’t every AP department in North America love to know exactly how much does it cost to wire money with their bank and how much their bank are overcharging them when it comes to sending inte

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15 Sep 2016

SMEs must get to grips with swings in sterling to safeguard their future

Without sounding too alarmist, many Irish SMEs are leaving themselves exposed to fluctuations in Sterling as the currency plummets in value, which could have the potential to wipe-out profits for many

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14 Sep 2016

Banks seeing a world of opportunity in new FinTech partnerships

TransferMate, a leading international payments provider and front-runner within the FinTech sector is actively engaged with a number of banks across Europe to avail of our services.   Never has

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15 Aug 2016

The London Business Journal speaks to TransferMate's Sinead Fitzmaurice

TransferMate Co-Founder and TaxBack Group CFO, Sinead Fitzmaurice, has long been blazing quite the trail across the global FinTech industry. Responsible for managing Finance, Treasury, and Compliance

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24 Jun 2016

What next for businesses seeking to protect against Sterling Volatility Post Brexit?

With Brexit voters winning with a marginal 51.9%, the effects of Brexit are already being felt on the currency markets with Sterling already weakening against Euro by 5% with further weakness expected

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