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The following rates are interbank rates. This is the rate at which banks buy and sell money from each other. These rates are not available to private individuals or small to medium companies. They are therefore provided for indicative purposes only. For a quote please phone our team.


Caldwell Partners is a leading provider of executive talent, enabling clients to thrive and succeed by helping them identify, recruit and retain their best people. For nearly 50 years Caldwell Partners have served as consultants to their clients on matters including succession planning, compensation assessment, recruitment strategies, and competitive analyses.


Caldwell Partners were using SAP Concur Invoice for accounts payable and a separate provider for making international payments. Reliance on siloed systems made the international payments process extremely manual and time-consuming for Caldwell. The company needed one complete view of its accounts payable process in real-time. 


Caldwell Partners’ key account manager from SAP Concur recommended TransferMate. TransferMate is an invoice payments solution that directly integrates with Concur Invoice—providing a secure way of making same-day domestic and cross-border payments.

Caldwell now has a solution that automates their business payments with a single integration, saving them significant time and effort. As well as this, TransferMate’s highly competitive FX rates result in savings that improve the company’s bottom line. 


Use bulk payments to make up to 5,000 payments to employees or partners with a single click