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Dublin City University is a university situated in Dublin, Ireland. First established in 1989, DCU has seen exponential growth since that time and, with 19,000 students representing over 110 nationalities worldwide, is today regarded as one of the world’s leading young universities.


Costly bank charges and unexpected delays were causing difficulty for DCU and their international student fees. Missing reference numbers and bank details also made payments difficult to reconcile and refund – resulting in excessive administrative time for the university’s accounts team.

DCU needed a way to reduce the administrative burden that bank transfers demanded and find a solution for their international students to pay tuition fees.


TransferMate’s international payments solution provides DCU with daily remittance for expected payments, which are fully referenced with the amount due. This solution has cut administrative hours for the university’s accounts department and ensures timely payments.

As well as this, DCU can now run dashboard reports from their admin portal and issue student refunds with ease. Not only has DCU benefitted from TransferMate’s solution, but international students have also experienced substantial improvements as they now pay tuition fees through DCU’s customized online student fees portal.


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