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ScholarLee is a student accommodation provider based in Cork, Ireland. ScholarLee provides accommodation for nearly 200 students in 4 locations across the city. From their ideal location to their smart fit-out, services, and facilities—ScholarLee accommodation ensures students have a vibrant university experience.   


As a student accommodation provider, ScholarLee has a significant number of international student lodgers. When making payments, these students encountered high international banking fees and experienced long delays.   

For ScholarLee, payments were difficult to track due to missing reference numbers. They needed a way to reduce admin and ensure full transparency of incoming and outgoing funds.   


TransferMate’s payments solution has created a simple, uncomplicated payment experience for ScholarLee and their student lodgers.   

The solution allows students to pay in their local currency through ScholarLee’s custom-built payments portal from TransferMate. Students simply log on, receive preferential exchange rates, and transfer payments in a few clicks. As well as this, TransferMate has helped ScholarLee make their payments process more efficient. The online payments portal allows students to view the status and history of their payments instantly.  

TransferMate has made it possible for ScholarLee to provide students with a secure, fast payment service, as well as a smooth, less costly deposit refund post-departure.  


Use bulk payments to make up to 5,000 payments to employees or partners with a single click