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In 1993, VATAmerica was formed as a limited partnership in New Jersey. The company offers the world’s only European Tax Recovery and Exemption program dedicated to general aviation. VATAmerica will reduce or eliminate your VAT and excise taxes on fuel, handling, EuroControl and crew costs.


VATAmerica receive and send a vast amount of wires every month.

Dealing with multiple clients and vendors from all around the world created a time-consuming, complicated process for their staff. This created significant challenges with the timing and transparency of international wires.


Transfermate proposed their Global Payables solution to VATAmerica.

Transfermate’s secure, online interface allows VATAmerica to quickly process wires to their clients and vendors without the administrative burden on their staff. The solution gives VATAmerica transparent same day transactions, in addition to savings on international bank charges ensuring that the amount billed is the amount received.


Use bulk payments to make up to 10,000 payments to employees or partners with a single click