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Trevecca Nazarene University is a Christian higher education institution based in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Founded in 1901, the university provides a liberal arts education to students from over 47 states and 39 countries, offering a range of programs from undergraduate to doctorate, either on-site or remotely.


Trevecca was experiencing challenges with their student payments process.

The platform they had implemented was complicated and difficult to use, resulting in students having to wire tuition fees directly to the college. The sheer volume of wires made it challenging for Trevecca’s payments team to identify payments, leading to time-consuming administration and delays for students.

As well as this, international students struggled when making payments to the university and received no assistance from customer service.

Trevecca needed a user-friendly payments process and a dedicated customer service team to ensure seamless wire transfers for their students, both on campus and internationally.


Trevecca heard about TransferMate through our partners, TouchNet, who they use for their student payments.   

TransferMate has assisted Trevecca in managing their incoming international payments, as well as providing 24/7 customer service. Now, incoming payments are posted directly to student accounts, through TouchNet, creating an easy end-to-end payments solution. 

Trevecca’s finance team can now focus on matters other than tracking down and manually entering international payments, and the student experience has improved significantly.


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