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The University of Oxford is made up of 29 constituent colleges, and a range of academic departments. There are more than 11,900 undergraduates at Oxford in total, usually studying on three or four-year courses and every year admit around 3,200 new undergraduates from the UK and beyond.


Oxford University was having difficulties with receiving payments from students due to bank charges and exchange rates. Collecting the shortfall in fees owed was extremely time consuming.

Oxford University had the additional challenge of identifying which student had paid due to missing reference numbers.


TransferMate offered a solution that meant payments arrived referenced with the full amount due, saving Oxford Universities income team a lot of time.

Oxford University opted to create a standalone link, which they included in their website and invoice letter as an additional payment option to their international students.


Use bulk payments to make up to 10,000 payments to employees or partners with a single click