30 Nov 2015

Data Releases Overlooked As Markets Awaits Central Banks

As expected, last week proved to be fairly subdued from Forex point of view. With markets focused on expected Federal Reserve and European Central Bank policy changes in December,

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27 Nov 2015

Lack of Information Creating Small Movement On Forex Market

On the FX front, there was a very subdued tone with the main currency pairs spending the day in tight ranges. This reflects the lack of data/events over the past 24 hours, as well

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25 Nov 2015

Euro Helped by UK Central Banks Cautious Remarks

On FX markets, the action remain confined to relatively tight ranges. Of the moves that did register, sterling was carrying a weaker tone for much of the day. The currency was not

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18 Nov 2015

Upcoming Fed Minutes Expected To Support Recent Euro Decline

On currency markets, the moves were within fairly tight ranges yesterday. Of the action that did occur, the euro remained n

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16 Nov 2015

Euro On Alert Due To Central Bank Policy

Market expectations of a Fed rate hike in December and possible further policy easing at the same time from the ECB have been the key factors behind these moves. Since the middle

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13 Nov 2015

Forex Markets Remained Subdued

Meanwhile, moves on Forex markets remained subdued. The raft of central bank speakers failed to provide much in the way of, fresh direction. ECB President Draghi, as expected

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