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The collaboration will enhance Fyorin’s proposition and global presence to provide digital business customers with a single global payments solution through TransferMate’s extensive international network

TransferMate, the world’s leading B2B global payments infrastructure as-a-service provider, and Fyorin, a financial operations platform for digital businesses, today announced their agreement to enter into a strategic partnership.

Fyorin’s payments and financial operations platform automates and monetizes the movement of money for businesses across different bank accounts, payment methods and currencies, eliminating 90% of manual work on financial operations teams. Its clients can connect Fyorin with their preferred accounting platform to automate receivables and payables, while also benefiting from tailored financial products, such as expense management tools, powered by its curated network of financial institutions.

TransferMate, a subsidiary of CluneTech, has built the world’s most comprehensive and advanced payments network, allowing businesses and individuals to make cross-border payments as easily as if making a domestic funds transfer. Supporting trading in more than 201 countries and across 141 currencies, TransferMate works faster and more securely than traditional banking methods and with complete transparency of the transaction through to the point of final reconciliation.

Through this partnership, TransferMate’s leading payments technology is integrated directly into the Fyorin platform, enabling the Fyorin ecosystem to onboard and service businesses across multiple jurisdictions. With TransferMate’s global footprint, Fyorin customers can now access a single global solution for all their receivables and payables. The deal will also position TransferMate as the partner of choice to support financial institutions across Fyorin’s network that can benefit from accessing TransferMate’s capabilities through one platform.

“We are delighted to have TransferMate joining our Fyorin ecosystem,” said Christian Joseph Agius, Co-Founder & COO, Fyorin. “Their unique global payments solution will be a huge asset to Fyorin users; both businesses and financial institutions. Fyorin’s solution cuts 90% of the manual workaround within payment operations and through our partnership with TransferMate we will continue supporting businesses in lowering their financial operations costs by maximising the global footprint they have for receivables and payables.”

“Our unrivalled licensing and banking networks are setting new standards of security, transparency and speed for B2B cross-border payments,” said Sinead Fitzmaurice, CEO of TransferMate. “We are delighted to be partnering with Fyorin to provide a single global solution for digital-first businesses to execute seamless international transactions with ease, helping them to eliminate friction in the financial processes of international trade by leveraging TransferMate’s extensive global payments network.”

For more information on how TransferMate can support your organization when making international payments, contact the team today.


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