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Competitors or collaborators? Friends or foes?

The fintech and traditional banking sector are often portrayed as pure competitors, with fintech’s trying to supplant traditional banks and create a new financial ecosystem for consumers and businesses. The reality, though, is much more nuanced, with collaboration as common a feature as competition.

We sat down with Gary Conroy, Chief Product Officer at TransferMate, and talked about where the real differences lie, the collaborations already happening, and the next step in the relationship.

1. The Traditional Correspondent Banking System and the Fintech Alternative

Q. We’re talking today about the convergence of the traditional banking system and fintech. So, let’s get some fundamentals in place – what is the traditional correspondence banking system?

I think everyone knows the traditional banks – what you’d know as high street or commercial banks – that provide transactional services, as well as credit, mortgages, overdrafts, etc., to retail customers, from individuals to businesses and everything in between and beyond.

At its base, it’s a vast (and complicated) network that allows people and businesses to move money from point A to point B.

Q. The term ‘Fintech’s’ obviously is a broad term, so where does TransferMate fit into that sector?

You’re right, ‘fintech’ can describe a broad range of ideas, but generally fintech’s are transforming how businesses pay by building new banking infrastructure for them to leverage.

At TransferMate, our payments infrastructure is the largest non-bank network in the world, and the third largest even when you include those banks who have gone down the route of building a proprietary global financial network.

TransferMate’s global payments infrastructure covers 140+ currencies in 200+ countries

Basically, we have built new bank rails – payments infrastructure as a service at a global scale. We’ve done this by securing regulatory licenses across the globe, which in turns gives us access to local payment schemes across the world, and we’re able to integrate that in a simple interface for our customers to use.

Q. What’s the outcome of that new payment’s infrastructure?

Well, it’s important first to look at what we’re replacing. With the banking infrastructure, there is a lot of complexity – and unnecessary complexity at that. It’s made up of a vast network of connections; lots of integration points with multiple parties that has been built up over centuries.

I see the job of fintech’s as being able to abstract that complexity away.

The outcome is quicker, more transparent, and more cost-effective payments for users of that new infrastructure; and those users can range from direct customer to banks and FIs that partner with us and leverage it for themselves.

Q. How else does this new infrastructure change things?

It’s not just about the faster payment rails, but on top of that you can layer open banking, account information services, payment initiation services. You can have confirmation of payee. You can have a request to pay.

“We want to bring the same experience to business and corporate and finance users in their professional life that they’re used to in their everyday consumer life.”

So, there’s all these different value-add that you layer on top of that technology that, ultimately, allows for an easier end user experience. And one of the interesting challenges for TransferMate is that consumers are used to a relatively easy user experience in their daily consumer life.

We want to bring the same experience to business and corporate and finance users in their professional life that they’re used to in their everyday consumer life.

2. Licenses, regulations, and security

Without strong regulation underpinning financial systems, things easily break down

Q. A key part of that infrastructure is licences and regulations. How have fintech’s got permission from all these countries to operate there? Presumably there’s a lot of hoops to jump through to establish a banking presence in a country and to be able to move money in and out of it.

Absolutely. First thing to say though is that not all fintech’s are regulated, nor do all fintech’s need to be regulated.

In TransferMate, we went down the regulated route. We could’ve gone down a sponsor bank route and use sponsor banks and their licenses, and just provided the technology, but we believe there’s value in having the regulation. It shows a maturity of capability.

We have access to over 140 currencies and 200 countries. That, in turn, gives banks access to local low-value rails, be that ACH, be that instant, as well as domestic and international wire.

And certainly, as a regulated payments institution, we have both payments institution, money transmitter, and e-money licenses.

You are subject to, effectively, the same scrutiny that any organization, including banks.

Q. If a bank partners with us, do they get automatic access to those regulated regions where we’ve done the legwork?

Yes. We’re allowed to operate in those regions where we’re licensed. So, if anyone – either a bank, be they regulated, or a software platform partner or a customer – wants to work with TransferMate, we’re operating under our own license in those territories.

We have access to over 140 currencies and 200 countries. That, in turn, gives banks access to local low-value rails, be that ACH, be that instant, as well as domestic and international wire.

For the banks, who may be dealing with 20 or so of those intermediaries (which is, by the way, also very expensive to maintain all those bilateral relationships), this significantly consolidates down that number. They’ll have access into those territories they don’t have reach into today and, in doing so, will substantially reduce their costs.

Q. One thing you would associate to banking network is the security behind it. Does the infrastructure built by the fintech community have those same robust systems? Where do they differ?

I can’t speak for the fintech community, but I can speak for TransferMate.

We’ve implemented very robust systems. With all different regulators – we’ve taken the highest bar of all of those and made sure that all our anti-money laundering and transaction screening goes through the most stringent of processes.

Our job is, I believe, not just to comply with regulation, but to go above and beyond to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to ensure the integrity of the financial and payment systems.

3. Current collaborations between banks, FIs and fintech’s, and next steps

Collaboration is now a prime focus for everyone in the financial space

Q. Can you give me an example of a current collaboration between a bank and a fintech like TransferMate?

One of the more interesting ones is our partnership with Wells Fargo as a distribution partner. So, we have a receivables request-to-pay product that operates across borders and currencies. And we have white-labeled a branded version of that, which we call ‘Global Invoice Connect’, with Wells Fargo.

Their treasury management solution consultants in accounts receivable salespeople are then armed with that tool in the market to go out and sell that to their customers. In that case, the bank really needs to create nothing of their own. We’ve integrated with their systems to provide one data set for all receivables for those Wells Fargo customers. But it gives them another tool in their arsenal to go out and sell as a distribution partner.

Q. What are the next steps when it comes to collaboration between banks and fintech’s?

So, in TransferMate we’ve recently launched TransferMate Connect for banks and FIs, where we can effectively provide access to local low value clearing schemes at a global scale, thus adding capability for banks and FIs.

We believe this is a true game changer.

Through TransferMate Connect, banks and financial institutions will be able to build new cost-effective, fast, and secure payment propositions, allow their clients to set up trading capabilities in new territories quickly and at low-cost, and create or expand revenue streams generated by the funds moving through the network.

The technology allows us to talk to the bank or FI directly to onboard their clients, without us ever having to contact the end users directly. They can put out new or improved products into the market without causing friction for their clients.

Q. What will TransferMate Connect look like in practice?

We’re initially offering clients the ability to settle in around 80 currencies once onboarded (rolled out in phases), with multiple client models available to expand that ability to all 140+ currencies covered by our network.

A unique part of the proposition is the ability of banks and financial institutions to also integrate with another TransferMate product, Global Accounts, and again give their clients the capacity to leverage it for their own benefit. 

Global Accounts allows users to open local bank accounts in 29 currencies (with more coming soon), creating their own international banking network where they can hold, pay, and store currencies in a way that suits them. It significantly reduces transaction fees and FX costs for users, allows for better control over international cash flows, and exponentially speeds up the ability of a user to set-up a banking presence in a new territory.

This is a complete package, and its scope is unrivalled in the marketplace. We’re already working closely with several partners to integrate TransferMate Connect into their offering, and then it’s a matter of continuously growing and improving that complete package.

Q. It really is a case of collaboration beating out competition, isn’t it?

Exactly. The days of competition are long gone. I see a similarity in the AI debate going on right now about ChatGPT and the like replacing jobs. I heard a nice line that said ‘AI won’t replace workers, it’ll replace workers who don’t use AI’.

I see the same in the relationship between fintech’s, banks and FIs – it’s the ones who put in the effort to collaborate who’ll thrive. 

Gary, thank you very much.

If you’re a bank or FI and want to know how partnering with TransferMate can benefit you, get in touch with the team today.

The collaboration will enhance Fyorin’s proposition and global presence to provide digital business customers with a single global payments solution through TransferMate’s extensive international network

TransferMate, the world’s leading B2B global payments infrastructure as-a-service provider, and Fyorin, a financial operations platform for digital businesses, today announced their agreement to enter into a strategic partnership.

Fyorin’s payments and financial operations platform automates and monetizes the movement of money for businesses across different bank accounts, payment methods and currencies, eliminating 90% of manual work on financial operations teams. Its clients can connect Fyorin with their preferred accounting platform to automate receivables and payables, while also benefiting from tailored financial products, such as expense management tools, powered by its curated network of financial institutions.

TransferMate, a subsidiary of CluneTech, has built the world’s most comprehensive and advanced payments network, allowing businesses and individuals to make cross-border payments as easily as if making a domestic funds transfer. Supporting trading in more than 201 countries and across 141 currencies, TransferMate works faster and more securely than traditional banking methods and with complete transparency of the transaction through to the point of final reconciliation.

Through this partnership, TransferMate’s leading payments technology is integrated directly into the Fyorin platform, enabling the Fyorin ecosystem to onboard and service businesses across multiple jurisdictions. With TransferMate’s global footprint, Fyorin customers can now access a single global solution for all their receivables and payables. The deal will also position TransferMate as the partner of choice to support financial institutions across Fyorin’s network that can benefit from accessing TransferMate’s capabilities through one platform.

“We are delighted to have TransferMate joining our Fyorin ecosystem,” said Christian Joseph Agius, Co-Founder & COO, Fyorin. “Their unique global payments solution will be a huge asset to Fyorin users; both businesses and financial institutions. Fyorin’s solution cuts 90% of the manual workaround within payment operations and through our partnership with TransferMate we will continue supporting businesses in lowering their financial operations costs by maximising the global footprint they have for receivables and payables.”

“Our unrivalled licensing and banking networks are setting new standards of security, transparency and speed for B2B cross-border payments,” said Sinead Fitzmaurice, CEO of TransferMate. “We are delighted to be partnering with Fyorin to provide a single global solution for digital-first businesses to execute seamless international transactions with ease, helping them to eliminate friction in the financial processes of international trade by leveraging TransferMate’s extensive global payments network.”

For more information on how TransferMate can support your organization when making international payments, contact the team today.

In a sentence: VITA Student needed an accounts payable platform that was easy-to-use when processing student accommodation payments, provided a single source of truth, and most importantly improved the student experience.

About VITA Student

VITA Student provides students with the highest quality accommodation experience while they’re studying. Born in 2012, it’s had a rapid rise with 23 buildings across the UK under its remit, and a recent expansion into Barcelona adding to its portfolio.

With 10,000 beds to be filled each year, around 1 in every 30 students in the entire UK will be staying at Vita Student.  

The Challenge

Making the experience of paying for student accommodation needs to be seamless, or a lot of problems arise.
Making the experience of paying for student accommodation needs to be seamless, or a lot of problems arise.

Working in such a dynamic marketplace, with huge surges in demand concentrated over a few periods in the calendar, Vita Student needed a student accommodation payment platform that could:

1) Automate key functions to reduce administration time

2) Create a live ‘source of truth’ for the Vita Student team

3) Speed up and smooth out the payment journey for students to reduce any anxieties they had

“We came to TransferMate when the UK rules around debit and credit card facilities changed” said Nichola Collette-Yates, Head of Customer Engagement, Vita Student. ‘We had to make the commercial decision to completely switch off all debit and credit card facilities. The problem was… that left us with no payment system.”

This change meant that the only way a student could make payments was transferring the money directly into Vita Student bank accounts. This proved difficult for both customers and the Vita Student team alike and increased student anxiety in the run up to living with Vita Student.

Students would often pay in separate payments, rather than the full amount in one go, which made it hard to match the payment with the student. What’s more, payments made from people other than the student themselves – their parents for example – made it even more difficult to match up payments.

Being unable to confirm payments meant that students wouldn’t move through the system, and would instead be caught in limbo, causing multiple inquiries to the Vita Student team and lost bookings.

“Reconciling the money coming into the bank accounts directly was taking months at its worst point. Students were cancelling because we were querying payments with them and it was taking too long There was simply far too much manual work and it wasn’t a pleasant experience for the customer.”

This administration, manpower heavy process was costing Vita Student on the bottom line.

“As a business it was very costly to us because of the time we were spending process and reconciling payments. As well as that, we were losing bookings. We were having to cancel bookings and try to resell them at the last minute.”

The lack of automation and technology in place was also causing issues for the students.

“It was really difficult for them in that if they didn’t send enough money or there were intermediary bank charges that they didn’t know to account for said Sam Hardy, Customer Engagement Manager at VITA Student. ‘This meant we’d have to follow-up looking for further payments, further delaying everything, or writing it off as a bad debt. Of course, these mis-matched payments didn’t help with reconciliation down the line either.”

The whole process for the VITA Student team, and the students themselves, was ‘messy’ and they needed a new all-inclusive solution.

The Solution

Create a live ‘source of truth’ for the Vita Student team

Before TransferMate, the data of all student accommodation payments was held on disparate systems, and often tricky to access.

This meant multiple inquiries going several ways – students asking the Vita team to confirm their payments, and the Vita team reaching out to students to provide further information, as well as the banks. 

“It’s given us security around future payments”

“The most important thing we needed was the ability to track the payments coming in. It was about having an easy place to go and look at a student’s status and having that viewable for us. We needed to de-risk our payment process so we could see what was due to land, who hadn’t yet started that process, who was engaging, and who wasn’t. Now everything’s on the TransferMate portal.”

Ensuring payments are accepted quickly means that the students can plan with more security
Ensuring payments are accepted quickly means that the students can plan with more security

This ability to track live data has positively impacted revenue, their ability to manage cash flow, and manage bookings more efficiently.

“It’s given us security around future payments and what’s coming over the next couple of weeks. The treasury department is happier because they have a much clearer idea of what cash will be coming through the door. Combining these two factors makes it easier to make key business decisions at the right time, which helps us maximise revenue each cycle.”

Automating key functions to reduce administration time

One of the core functions of the TransferMate education payments solution is how it removes the need for disparate systems. For the Vita Student team, they were regularly pulling big data files from their banking system, and then trying to match them up in another system. Reconciliation became a tedious and time-consuming task.

“It took significant amounts of time for the accounts team to manually reconcile everything – I really felt for them! Now we can do that all pretty much instantly, matching it all against the student’s account as well.”

Now, the team don’t have to leave the TransferMate portal to get the information they need. Automation and bringing the data together in one place has made reconciliation much easier and less complicated.

“It helps us structure our efficiencies within the team. We can focus on the areas that need it, whereas before, the time spent on finance reconciliation was hindering our ability to provide the impeccable customer service levels that we aspire to.”

Speed up and smooth out the payment journey for students

An screenshot of the TransferMate payment portal for students
A screenshot of the TransferMate payment portal for students

For the student, the process became much easier to track and control from their end, with a simple portal they could access to get all the information they needed. The TransferMate portal also gives students more payment options than before.

“It really makes it so much smoother for the student. Firstly, it makes it really clear what they’ve got to send in their currency and what references they need to put in there and which bank account to send it to. And then there’s simple features like when they click ‘Pay Now’ the pop-up window will pre-populate the boxes with all their information, so it’s super-easy for the students to make payments.”

Payment related queries from students were reduced from 8,299 to just 211 after implementation

“The other element is that because we have to spend much less time on the payment part, we can now concentrate on delivering those value-add elements to the students. That’s a big boost for team morale as well, because suddenly were focusing on the positive stuff, and not just chasing payments.”

The results have been outstanding. While Vita Student had its biggest and busiest year in their history, payment related queries from students were reduced from 8,299 to just 211. They’ve seen a 39% reduction in emails into their inbox, and now 86% of all payments come through the TransferMate platform.

The Final Word

“One thing Vita Student prides itself on is the experience. And if the experience of even just making a payment to us is difficult, then we failed at the first hurdle. We can transact now with ease. It’s a frictionless journey for all of our students across the world.”

Nichola Collette-Yates, Head of Customer Engagement, VITA Student

To learn more about how TransferMate can support student tuition and accommodation payments, contact the team today.

In a sentence: SAP Concur wanted a payments partner that could integrate with their platform and support their customers’ international payments process.

SAP Concur: By the Numbers

48,00066 million€27.8bn4,800
CustomersUsersRevenue in 2021Employees

About the SAP Concur and TransferMate Partnership

Integration is a very modern method of innovation. Combining the power of one great idea with another has the potential to deliver a whole plethora of new solutions to a marketplace.

SAP Concur is a great idea. It’s one of the world’s leading expense, travel, and vendor invoice solutions. It combines all spending into one system, providing a single way to manage spending from end-to-end, and simplify the process for everyone.

TransferMate’s great idea was to build a global payments infrastructure to outperform the traditional banking network, allowing payments to travel faster, more transparently, and more cost-effectively around the world.

In 2018, SAP Concur and TransferMate came together to embed TransferMate’s infrastructure into the Concur platform, making it easier for SAP clients to make international payments.  

The Challenge

SAP Concur wanted to improve their customers’ international payment experience on the platform

SAP Concur wanted to expand and improve their offering to customers, from SMEs to Enterprise-level organizations, particularly when it came to international payments.

There were three major improvements they wanted to make through a partnership with TransferMate: 1) Expand their global footprint when it comes to international payments, adding available currencies and territories for users, 2) Give users more choice in the method that they pay with, and 3) automate the accounts payable process within SAP Concur to reduce administration time for customers and make it easier for users to make payments.  

Previously, the SAP Concur system was limited in the international payments space because its payments network was focused on the North American market. This meant their customers were extremely limited in being able to pay with any currency other than a US or Canadian dollar.

“Our clients were running into situations where they’ve got vendors that need to be paid in international countries, and they struggled with being able to either get decent rates through their existing treasury relationship’ said Dave Owen, Director of Global FSI Partnerships and Alliances at SAP Concur. ‘Or they’d have had to go down the route of opening up a new presence in that country because they feel that that’s the only way to get these vendors paid.”

Similarly, their network also limited their customers to using certain methods for payment, such as check. They would then have to process the payment outside of Concur and therefore it could take a long time to process, be non-transparent, and be costlier than it should be.

For quite some time, we’ve only had the ability to issue check or ACH in the US for our vendor payments. It simply wasn’t enough in terms of choice for our customers.

“For quite some time, we’ve only had the ability to issue check or ACH in the US for our vendor payments. It simply wasn’t enough in terms of choice for our customers. Then we found there was an opportunity to leverage ecosystems that existed out there to do things better. By working with partners like TransferMate, we’ve been able to provide extended payment modalities for these customers.”

Finally, the automation challenge was a complex but important one to resolve. Previously, SAP Concur users would have to download payments data from their SAP Concur system, upload it to their banking system, and then do rigorous cross-checking and reconciliation to ensure no errors or potential fraudulent activities (such as changing banking details between these data downloads and uploads).

Within a few months, the TransferMate and SAP Concur teams had produced a solution – PaymentsHub.

The Solution

A screenshot showing the PaymentsHub platform

PaymentsHub sits within the SAP Concur app store. Users can embed PaymentsHub into their SAP Concur platform when they want to improve their international payments process. The implementation process is quick and easy – a business can be set-up within a day or two.

But how exactly does it solve those challenges SAP and their customers were facing?

When it comes to expanding their international payments footprint, partnering with TransferMate gave them an instant resolution. TransferMate has the largest non-bank licensing footprint in the world and, even including all major banks, TransferMate has the third largest. This allows SAP Concur customers to have the ability to pay easily in 140+ currencies and in 200+ countries.

You guys went through the effort of building a very real, and global, payments infrastructure.

What’s more, with the infrastructure TransferMate has built, these payments all happen within a single ecosystem (compared to correspondence banking where payments can travel within multiple banks before arriving at its destination) making them more cost-effective, more transparent, and faster.

“TransferMate brought something different to the table with the international payments. And it’s not simply just, “Let’s take the US dollar, impose the FX rates on top of that, and then simply claim that we’re able to do international payments.” No, you guys went through the effort of building a very real, and global, payments infrastructure.”

That long journey of building this global payment infrastructure through acquiring individual national licenses and connecting them via technology pays off in these exact instances. It’s that solid foundation, combined with a smooth platform, that makes PaymentsHub such an effective solution.

“It’s given the SAP Concur the ability to move beyond relying on an ACH to make international payments, which meant the payments essentially took place outside of our system. This makes payments more difficult to track, reconcile, and means more work has to be done to check for fraud. We’ve now got the functionality to be able to provide international payments all within Concur Invoice itself – that makes a big difference.” 

No. of Transactions
2021 – 2022
Payments Flow by Value
2021 – 2022
+332%+ 222%

The PaymentsHub integration also expanded the way users could pay. The Concur platform had offered users the ability to pay with card, check, ACH, wires etc., but only within the US and Canada. Any payment that went outside that region became subject to delays and additional costs. With PaymentsHub, SAP Concur could now offer all the same methods to pay in regions right across the world.

The work that TransferMate has done to make international payments as simple as possible is second-to-none.

Automation and simplification of the AP process were the capstone of the project. By linking disparate systems through API integration, PaymentsHub users are now able to reduce their administration time, while also reducing errors and the risk for fraud.

“The work that TransferMate has done to make international payments as simple as possible is second-to-none. Our customers don’t have to go outside of the Concur platform to process payments for any step of the journey. We’ve been able to provide a more streamlined, simplified approach for our customers, while also giving them more options on how and where they can pay.”   

That work of automating pain points and tying disparate systems together in an easy-to-use platform is continually ongoing.

‘TransferMate has done a great job in helping us in our own development work and some of the enhancements we’ve done with those APIs over the years. We’re getting really good at reconciliation back into ERP systems and the work we’ve done together, the input we’ve had – not only from TransferMate but from our joint customers – has helped us get to this point.”

Any time we talk about AP, our minds have always traditionally gone to AP automation, but that’s only an answer if you know what the question is.

The automation strategy was always underpinned by focus on solving customer pain points, not automation for the sake of it.

“Any time we talk about AP, our minds have always traditionally gone to AP automation, but that’s only an answer if you know what the question is. We really need to understand what it is our customers are trying to solve around their AP pains. Quite often it’s the payments process, and all that goes on behind that, that they need to solve for first, which can also be supported by an automation solution at the same time.”

Through solving these three key pain points – payment reach, payment options, and automation – the Concur Invoice platform now provides a much more seamless international payments functionality.

It has also allowed SAP Concur to target a greater range of customers, both in size and geography. They can now onboard an SME in Europe as easily as they were able to previously in the US, and that SME can grow exponentially without ever having to move off the platform.

“It doesn’t matter which industry that you’re playing in or what size of organization you are. At the end of the day, there are spend management requirements for every organization. That’s the opportunity there that’s been so great. We’ve got organizations that have vendors all over the world that need to be paid, hence the invaluable nature of what TransferMate brings by way of international payments. That doesn’t stop from the small through to the midsize organizations – it extends itself right into the largest of businesses as well.”

“And it’s not these advancements that we’ve made that gives me such confidence in TransferMate, it’s the way we’ve advanced together. You guys have gone above and beyond what we’d expect at every stage. The way the platform and the product offering continues to evolve year after year needs to be called out – and the value and benefits it’s brought are customers has been second to none.”

The Final Word

“Would I recommend TransferMate as a partner? Absolutely, although I don’t want to share you guys with anybody else! We always tell our customers to consider PaymentsHub by TransferMate where it’s identified that international payments are a priority, and we’ve had phenomenal growth and adoption since it was launched.”

Dave Owen, Director of Global FSI Partnerships and Alliances, SAP Concur

If you are a SAP Concur customer looking to improve their international payment process, contact the team today.

TransferMate are delighted to announce a partnership with Leeds United to be their Official FX Partner for the 22/23 Premier League campaign.

As part of the newly signed partnership, TransferMate will operate as the club’s exclusive foreign currency provider, providing cross-border payments services through its unrivalled payments infrastructure. The partnership will also provide TransferMate with LED perimeter advertising, digital assets, club hospitality and match day sponsorship to drive acquisition and leverage engagement opportunities for its clients, while reaching fans through exclusive experiences.

Under the leadership of founder Terry Clune and CEO Sinead Fitzmaurice, TransferMate, a subsidiary of CluneTech, has built the world’s most comprehensive and advanced payments network, allowing businesses and individuals to make cross-border payments as easily as if making a domestic funds transfer.

U.S.A. international Brenden Aaronson transferred to Leeds in the summer of 2022 as one of their record ever signings

Supporting trading in more than 200+ countries and across 140+ currencies, TransferMate works faster and more securely than traditional banking methods and with complete transparency of the transaction through to the point of final reconciliation. This delivers new levels of confidence, eliminates unnecessary financial risk, and drives significant cost-efficiency benefits.

Sinead Fitzmaurice commented “We’re thrilled to become the Official FX Partner to Leeds United, one of the most successful football clubs in England, with a strong commitment to excellence. We’re looking forward to supporting the Club with our global payments services and we wish them every success this season.”

Paul Bell, Executive Director at Leeds United, added: “We are delighted to welcome TransferMate on board as our newest Official Partner. Their unique global payments solution will be a huge asset to us as a Club and we look forward to helping them promote their leading global payments offering to millions of our fans and followers around the world and introducing them to our diverse business network.

For more information on how TransferMate can support your organization when making international payments, contact the team today.

TransferMate and delaware have announced a strategic partnership that will deliver additional value for SAP customers who need to make cross-border payments.

delaware implements and maintains SAP’s S/4HANA and ECC6 solutions for medium and large corporations globally, guiding its customers through their business and digital transformations. With operations in 20 countries, delaware works with leadings brands like Decathlon, Sony, Sembcorp, and have ongoing AMS (application management services) with many customers.

‘We’re always looking for ways to add transformational value to our customers’ said Eric Hiernaux, Managing Director at delaware International. ‘Aligning the immense capabilities of the SAP platform with our customer’s business objectives is a central theme in delaware’s offering. TransferMate’s integrated solution with SAP will allow our customers to pay and receive payments quicker while reducing costs, improving transparency, and ensuring optimal cash management and bank optimization across global entities and currencies.’

Eric Hiernaux, Managing Director at delaware International and Sinead Fitzmaurice, CEO of TransferMate, celebrate the new partnership.

Integrating Transfermate with SAP’s payment processes provides a better way to pay invoices through an end-to-end global B2B payments network that enables cost effective, faster, and fully transparent cross-border payments.

Customers will no longer be disadvantaged by non-transparent correspondent banking systems, including unexpected wire and intermediary banking fees and uncertain transfer timelines.

‘Partnering with delaware is a huge leap forward for the entire SAP ecosystem’ said Sinead Fitzmaurice, CEO of TransferMate. ‘They have exceptional knowledge of how their clients are leveraging SAP and will now be able provide a complete end-to-end solution. Their customers will not need to leave their SAP platform to complete their payments. We’ll immediately increase the value of their investment in SAP while simultaneously reducing costs and improving working capital management.’

For more on how delaware helps clients implement and add value to the SAP platform, go here. For more on how TransferMate connects with SAP, contact us today.


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