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Welcome to our latest product updates blog—a way to ensure you are up to date with TransferMate’s newest feature releases and product enhancements. We’ve got plenty to share with you this month, so let’s dive in!

UI Improvements: Making a Payment

Over the last number of months, our product team has been continuously improving the TransferMate UI. The latest update has simplified, modernized, and improved the process of making a payment. The new design also makes it easier to distinguish between Foreign and Domestic amounts by renaming these as Source and Target currency. The updated UI has also improved the visibility of Global Accounts – making it easier to select the option to make a payment using funds from existing multi-currency accounts.

UI Improvements: New Dashboard

The Dashboard is TransferMate’s new web portal landing page that displays after signing into your TransferMate account. Here you will get an at-a-glance view of all recent account activity and statistics presented in a quick and easy-to-scan format.

Open Global Accounts in three new currencies

Managing multiple currencies has become even better with TransferMate. Now you can hold, pay and receive in 30 currencies. This month we added Croatian Kuna (HRK), Ugandan Shilling (UGX), and Saudi Riyal (SAR). While the end of the year is almost upon us our product team has plans to add even more currencies to Global Accounts before 2023 – so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest product updates.

PaymentsHub updates 

PaymentsHub is an invoice payment solution powered by TransferMate Global Payments that directly integrates with SAP Concur. The solution is available via the SAP Concur App Centre and provides SAP Concur customers with a secure, fast and simplified way of making invoice payments. This month the v4 API update was rolled out, meaning you can now complete the full 360 pull of invoices, mark them as retrieved within SAP Concur, complete the payments within PaymentsHub and the status of each processed invoice will automatically update in real-time within SAP Concur.

Files via API

The API team has released the functionality to upload CSV files in the standard TransferMate format via the API. This will allow partners and clients seamlessly move between the TransferMate web portal and the API without having to complete large-scale integrations, helping to streamline the process for clients using the TransferMate portal and API.

Help us improve

We hope you find these new features and enhancements useful. If you would like to give feedback on these new features or anything else related to your TransferMate experience we would love to hear from you. Visit the link here to submit your feedback.


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