International Payments Receivable

If your business receives international payments TransferMate can help your business to receive those payments faster and cheaper than ever before using our international receivables solution.

TransferMate accept payment into our global network of local bank accounts on your behalf speeding up your payments by paying out funds to you as soon as your payer has paid into our local bank account.

TransferMate can provide local bank accounts in:

Canadian Dollars
British pounds
Australian dollars
US Dollars
New Zealand dollars

Invoicing in your clients currency
We simply collect funds on your behalf and notify you as soon as funds arrive so that you can convert them at a better exchange rate than using the bank.

Invoicing in your currency
Your clients contact our team, converting funds at better exchange rates than the bank. We simply transfer the final sum in your local currency to your bank account. Both you and your client avoid all international bank wire fees charged by the bank using our global bank account network.

How it Works
  1. Exporter requests funds from a client from overseas
  2. Exporter provides our local TransferMate bank account ensuring that their client uses their Transfermate client number as a reference.
  3. As soon as funds arrive, TransferMate notifies you, funds are converted and clear into your bank account the same business day speeding up your payments and eliminating international bank charges.

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Benefits to your payers

- Your customers can now pay in local currency or in your home currency

- Using our local bank accounts your clients avoid having to pay any international wire fees

- Fewer intermediary banks means fewer interbank charges

- Customers can pay using a very simple process.

Benefits To You

- Speed up your international receivables. Same day/Next day

- Invoicing in local currency makes your product more attractive. or invoice in your own currency.

- Eliminate those international bank fees your bank are charging you on every payment.

- Improve your cashflow

- Avoid monthly bank fees maintaining international bank accounts.
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