12 Mai 2008

The pound recovered from recent plummet

The pound recovered from recent plummet resulted from gloomy industrial reports, after manufacturing sector was hit by decreasing demand and rising production cost. ...

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02 Avr 2008

Is EUR in front of a new record high versus USD?

Traders that expected a rise of the USD this week got surprised in a bad way after all the negative economic data lowered American dollar’s rapidly to a bottom never-seen before. ...

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18 Mar 2008

New money transfer rules for transactions from UK to India

The UK government released new requirements and rules that companies doing transactions must satisfy and follow when money is being sent to India. ...

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13 Mar 2008

Lack of confidence in Fed resulted in a record high EUR/USD rate

The USD collapsed, affected by the lack of trust from different financial institutions that questioned the plan of Fed for stabilizing the credit markets. ...

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11 Mar 2008

Will bankers follow on the advice of Bernanke?

The Independent Community Bankers association chairman Bernanke had a speech with all the members, regarding the housing trade crisis in the United States. ...

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06 Mar 2008

USD reaches record low rates versus EUR

American dollar shifted very low versus the rate of Euro on Thursday last week, after a statement of the ECB president. ...

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