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TransferMate and Wells Fargo are enhancing their receivables e-invoicing platform Global Invoice ConnectSM with the launch of the International Collections Payment Portal. This latest product release allows Billers and their international Payers to seamlessly self-serve and pay invoices.

Key Features of the International Collections Portal:

Simplify the process of sending requests for payments

The International Collections Payment Portal solution will allow a Biller to provide a single link to their payer’s portal. This link can be sent to their clients for all payment requests.

This option to send a single link is in addition to the existing solution that creates a tokenized URL associated with each invoice.

Payers can easily search which invoices to pay

Payers can self-serve their invoice information by inputting their email address and client reference number in the payer portal to view and process all their outstanding payment requests.

Allow a Guest Payer to combine multiple invoices for booking and payment

Payers can select multiple invoices (issued in the same currency) to book and pay in a single transaction.

These combined payments are then broken out into single line items with individual invoice references for easy biller reconciliation upon payment receipt.

These enhancements add to the existing benefits of the solution for both Billers and Payers. 

Easy to Implement and Easy to Use

Implementing the payer portal is easy for account receivables teams. It requires no IT or development work for their business and TransferMate will also brand the payment portal with their company logo.

How it works:

Payer inputs their email address and client reference number to view all invoices.
Payer selects the invoices they wish to pay.
Once the payment is booked, the Payer simply sends a local transfer to TransferMate.

This new release expands on previous award-winning features of the platform and continued iteration of the product.

2020 to date has seen an array of exciting new enhancements for Transfermate’s Receivables solution that reduce the friction and implementation effort for both the Biller and the Payer:

  • e-Invoice presentment and email
    • TransferMate can send the email containing the link to the Biller’s payment portal. The biller also has the choice to send the email invoice presentment link themselves.
  • Checkout as a guest
    • Payers do not have to sign up for the TransferMate service in order to receive the payment instructions to fulfil the invoice.  They have the option to checkout as guest.

Use bulk payments to make up to 5,000 payments to employees or partners with a single click