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TouchNet, the leading provider of integrated and secure commerce and credential solutions for universities, partnered with TransferMate in 2020 to expand its presence and ability to deliver a secure, intuitive payment portal for students studying abroad in the US and Canada.

A custom integrated solution was designed to help higher education institutions solve payment challenges. This enables international students and authorized users to pay all fees, including tuition, books and accommodation expenses, in their local currency or by domestic bank wire through our new solution.

Through this partnership, TouchNet customers now have access to TransferMate Education’s payments portal and benefit from TransferMate’s broad global regulatory footprint.

How it’s going

  • 60+ universities are live and utilizing our partnership portal
  • A team of 35 dedicated TransferMate personnel work on this partnership, including:
    • 1 Project Manager
    • 9 Account Managers
    • 3 Relationship Managers
    • 3 Compliance & Risk
    • 5 Treasury
    • 4 IT
    • 10 Customer Service Reps

What’s next?

The TransferMate Education team will attend TouchNet’s annual COMTEC event, from the 5-8th of October. Our panel of experts will host an informative session ‘Building an Integrated Infrastructure for the Future’ on Wednesday 6th at 12pm. This session, followed by a Q&A, will cover:

  • How educational institutions can enhance the international payments processes
  • The importance of global regulation & compliance 
  • Safeguarding of funds 
  • Refunds & overpayments 
  • Payment tracking & reconciliation 
  • Alternative payment methods (APMs)   

COMTEC is a must-attend interactive event that brings together higher education institutions, industry experts, and thought leaders to provide you with the tools to help you successfully navigate the ever-changing and complex landscape of campus wide commerce and credentials.

You can view the full COMTEC agenda and register to save your seat here. In the meantime, if you are a higher education institution and have questions about how TransferMate Education can save time and money for you and your students, contact us at edu@transfermate.com.

TransferMate Global Payments also partners with companies of all sizes, across all industries, and in countries worldwide to take advantage of our globally regulated international payments technology. Learn more about partnering with us to simplify the sending and receiving of international payments.


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