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The following rates are interbank rates. This is the rate at which banks buy and sell money from each other. These rates are not available to private individuals or small to medium companies. They are therefore provided for indicative purposes only. For a quote please phone our team.

Welcome back to another edition of our product updates blog! We’re excited to share some of the product enhancements that were released this month. Let’s take a look. 

Quicklook Beneficiary and Client 

Previously, when making or requesting payments, users had to click through to the Beneficiary or Client Details page to ensure the correct one was selected before navigating back to the payment page. 

Now it’s possible to hover over and preview the details without leaving the page—removing friction from the payment process.

Bank Files 

Within the TransferMate platform you can upload bank files to batch process transactions. This helps to make faster payments and minimizes the risk of inputting incorrect details when making a large number of payments manually. 

This month we have added functionality to support the following bank files: 

  • Bank File, Outgoing: HRK (Croatia) – Wire 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: HNL (Honduras) – Wire 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: Local BRL Wire 
  • Bank file, Outgoing: SEPA Instant API improvements 
  • Bank file, Outgoing: SEPA API fix on syntax error in Beneficiary Address details 

AML Screening and Risk Detection Updates 

We are delighted to announce that TransferMate Global Payments has partnered with ComplyAdvantage, the financial industry’s leading source of AI-driven financial crime risk data and detection technology. 

This partnership will help reduce the risk of financial crime so that TransferMate can transact with trust and grow with confidence. 

As a TransferMate customer, this partnership ensures that your transactions are secure and reliable with minimal risk of fraud when making cross-border payments. The solution strictly adheres to the global AML/CTF (anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing) guidelines. 

Help us improve 

We hope you find our latest enhancements useful. If you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at customerservice@transfermate.com or fill out the contact form on this page

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