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Welcome to the latest edition of our product updates series—a way to ensure you get the most out of TransferMate by quickly discovering our newest features and enhancements. Here’s what our team has been working on since our last update.    

PaymentsHub updates 

PaymentsHub is an invoice payment solution powered by TransferMate Global Payments that directly integrates with SAP Concur. The solution is available via the SAP Concur App Centre and provides SAP Concur customers with a secure, fast and simplified way of making invoice payments. Discover this month’s updates to the PaymentsHub platform below. 

1.   Decrypt beneficiary bank details 

Previously when pairing a beneficiary to a vendor in PaymentsHub, if dual-authorization was enabled, then the authorizing person would only see the encrypted bank details and not the full bank details. With our latest update, a new decrypt function enables you to view the full bank account details of the beneficiary you are approving—ensuring an accurate and seamless payment experience. 

2.   Enhanced filtering functionality 

Improved filtering functionality enables users to filter paid invoices by source bank account and view all invoices paid from specific banks. This new level of granularity when filtering allows for reporting based on a source bank account or selection of accounts—providing you with the transaction insights you need to effectively run your business. 

3.   Improved data export options 

We have also added to the file format options when exporting reports from PaymentsHub. Users can now pull reports in CSV and .txt file formats—giving more flexibility when exporting data. 

Updated developer documentation 

Using the TransferMate API to integrate payments technology within your current systems has just become a whole lot easier! Clear, well-structured developer documentation is essential for a smooth coding experience. This month we launched our freshly redesigned developer documentation to make it easier to consume and navigate.  

Bank files 

Within the TransferMate platform you can upload bank files to batch process transactions. This helps to make faster payments and minimizes the risk of inputting incorrect details when making a large number of payments manually.  

This month we have added functionality to support the following bank files: 

  • Bank file, Outgoing: USD Instant (API) 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: BHD (Bahrain) – new purpose code added for each payment 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: WL MZN (Mozambique) WIRE 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: WL KHR (Cambodia) Wire 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: Local BGN ACH   
  • Bank File, Outgoing: WL BZD (Belize) Wire 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: WL BOB (Bolivia) Wire 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: WL GYD (Guyana) Wire 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: WL NIO (Nicaragua) Wire 
  • Bank File, Outgoing: WL PYG (Paraguay) Wire

Help us improve  

We hope you find our latest enhancements useful. As always, if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the contact form on this page or contact us at customerservice@transfermate.com

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